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Quest Outbounds was born out of a simple thought, to make a difference!

What started off as classroom interventions in soft behavioral skills in 2005, moved into team building outbounds around 2007. We gradually realized the sheer potential of the outbound format to deliver learnings and impact the participants which classroom sessions had a limited success doing. Key aspects of behavior, like trust, synergy, innovation, passion, pro-activeness, ownership of task, EQ, building a shared Vision, assertiveness, communication, authentic feedback which go into creating high performance teams, can be effectively transmitted through the outbound format like no other format can deliver.

This excited us, to experiment and innovate with this format, and come out with powerful team building sessions that leave participants inspired and energized. We today specialize in team building outbounds, and using innovative and fun activities, to create shifts in participants that change their perspectives and impact their behavior.

The debrief sessions that follow each activity, are the anchor of Quest Outbounds events. The skillful and sensitive facilitation ensures that discussions are meaningful, deep and authentic. The discussions are lively, engaging andgently pushparticipants to experiment with their behavior in consequent activities and see the result in real time.

Quest offers team building solutions that help you capitalize on the potential of the people in your organization, and we promise you, now and then, you’ll be surprised with what they can deliver!

We invite you to experience a Quest Outbound.

Bigger the Dream, more important the Team

Team Building

Team BuildingTeam Building Activities

Scientifically designed challenges and tasks that are high in energy and engagement, bringing out team dynamics in a fun filled atmosphere. Each activity stimulates different aspects of human behavior, like trust, passion, innovation, initiative, leadership, emotional intelligence, etc. in real time. The debrief sessions that follow enable you to reflect through discussion and sharing, thus making it truly experiential and powerful in its impact.

Fire walk

Fire Walk Session

Fire walking has been used down the ages as a powerful experience in different contexts. In recent years, it has been used as an effective motivational exercise. Quest Fire walk Sessions allows you to experience how imagination stimulates our emotions, and using visualizations can be a life changing method to achieve your biggest and most audacious dreams.

The Big PictureThe Big Picture

What does it take to create a shared vision? How can we communicate to ensure that our work is not in conflict, but in harmony? How can you together create one big unified picture? Teams are given a theme, and different canvas. Each team has to paint a part of the picture, and when it comes together, the smaller canvas have to merge into one big canvas There is a resemblance to real life in more ways than one.

Drum Circle

Drum Circles

Music unifies people like nothing else does. The Drum Circle introduces rhythm, harmony and sheer energy in your group. It invokes the sense that anything can be mastered if you put your mind to it, and a bunch of people working in harmony, can literally create music! What starts slowly, builds up in crescendo and ends in beats that resonate for months post the event. An ideal and memorable sign off to any event.

MasterchefMasterChef Sessions

Cooking is an art, but it also requires tons of planning, logistics and team work! Each team is given a budget, and a market place is created where teams choose and purchase the ingredients. It’s a race against time, to deliver quality and taste in the most presentable way, while trying to save as much money as possible! What does it take to dish out the perfect meal? These and many more questions get answered in this exciting cooking journey.


Adventure Activities

Excellence is all about pushing your boundaries and moving outside your comfort zone. We present a range of adventure activities like the White Water Rafting, Rappelling, Night Treks, Jumba Ring, Valley Crossing, Cliff Jumping, etc. which is conducted by certified instructors with all safety measures in place to create exciting memories and bonding amongst the participants.

Emotions Drive People… People Drive Performance

Team building is hard work. It is a continuous process that never ends. As new members join a team and some members exit, as the environment rapidly changes and internal goalposts move, a team has to consistently reinvent and rejuvenate itself to adapt and meet new challenges that are constantly thrown up for it to face. Individual identities have to be replaced by shared goals, and the focus has to be on harnessing individual strengths and resources within. Quest activities keep throwing up these life like situations to test the teams’ readiness to meet these challenges, and reinforce the positive qualities needed to constantly adapt, yet hold on to core values that creates world class teams.
Team building is an art. Activities like the Big Picture and MasterChef sessions bring out the delicate nuances of team building that involve active and effective communication. Authentic feedback becomes a way of life, and not a one off action. Play becomes a means of expressing passion and a desire to win. It pushes the boundaries of creativity and innovation, and allows participants to take healthy and productive risks, make the good mistakes, and discover new possibilities within existing challenges.
Team building is around a vision. Without a common and shared vision, a team cannot harness its energy in a common direction. Interventions like the Firewalk Session, demonstrate the importance of how a Vision and its communication can ensure fear and doubt has no place in a team. A dynamic and vibrant team, will keep testing its limits, pushing its boundaries and moving out if its comfort zone to accomplish extra ordinary goals. When mind wins over matter, all is possible.
Abraham Lincoln said, “If I had 6 hours to cut a tree, I would spend the first 4 hours sharpening the axe.” Team building is sharpening the axe. Invest in it, and its spinoffs are huge. It will astound you, and the results will make you wish you had done it much earlier.
Team building is everywhere. In families, communities, societies, corporations and great nations. Building effective teams needs virtually everything, from leadership to delegation, from communication to conflict resolution, from visioning to empowering, from doing to facilitation, the works.
Master team building, master yourself. The principles of team building are also applicable in our individual self. Given that we are so full of apparent contradictions and multiple talents and competencies, we need to channelize and focus to make ourselves energetic and productive, rather than wasted and blunt. We need to rise above the inner conflicts and fears, and move towards our individual dreams and goals with force and vigour.

From group sizes of 5 to 750, Quest Outbounds provide high end interventions in team building and new age leadership. We work with select clients, who expect nothing but the best, and have a burning desire to achieve their extraordinary dreams!





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