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Quest outbound programs are with a difference! Learning, as an agenda, is high on the take-away of Quest Outbounds. Therefore, our activities and adventures are designed around learning along with fun and high energy. We take the classroom programs, and execute them in an outbound format, achieving greater learning. Our several clients and their delight is a testimony to that.

We are excited to undertake challenging assignments in this format. Some of the objectives that we have delivered are:

Vision Building: A leading 5 star hotel, before its opening, took its core 13 members for a 3 day outbound with us at an exotic location to develop a Vision Statement that would energise its staff, and provide its guests with a refreshing difference. The challenge was integrating 13 successful personalities with strong views under one common shared vision. Diversity of views and opinions was infact leveraged to evolve a dynamic Vision. Post the outbound, the hotel developed an entire program around its new Vision, with certificates for its staff for living up to the Vision statement, as well as integrating it in its performance appraisal and rewards system!
Cultural Integration: A German MNC had taken over a European company, and it needed to integrate 2 different cultures into a cohesive team. They invited us to propose a solution, and this led to a 2 day outbound intervention. Debriefs focussed on first allowing members to express their apprehensions and fears, and then the process was deftly manoeuvred to appreciating the best of the respective cultures, and surmounting the differences through respect and trust.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ): A leading engineering company of India wanted its future leadership to be more sensitive to the emotions of its teams, rather than being purely task oriented and insensitive. We decided to take it one step further, and in the 3 day intervention that followed, we demonstrated how through empathy and using emotions, leaders can actually improve the performance of the team in quantum leaps. Our outbound was rated as most memorable in the last 10 years by the participants!

Trust: A pharmaceutical giant was devising a new marketing strategy, and therefore a new team to lead this initiative. It apprehended resistance from the existing team towards this new team, and a sense of insecurity. At the same time, the new team would need the support of the old team to succeed. To ensure that there was a co-operation and a sense of one-ness amongst both teams, an outbound intervention was planned, and in the course of the program, this issue was raised sensitively, and an atmosphere of trust created, which allowed participants to voice their fears. This free and frank exchange, led to an extraordinary level of camaraderie between all participants, and what followed at the workplace was an explosive performance.

Innovation and Creativity: The fortunes of a once premiere company were on the downside. The top Management diagnosed that there lack a creative approach to problem solving, and its leaders were risk averse. While we pointed out that there was also a deeper cultural issue involved, as a short term wake-up intervention, we devised a 2 day outbound program to focus on behaviours and attitudes that lead to being creative, and how it can leap-frog you miles ahead of competition. Participants were not merely given sermons, but exercises were designed to allow them to practise innovation, and see the results in their performance, or lack of it for real. The learnings that resulted were deep, and an eye-opener, that at times the biggest risk is being risk averse!

Quest Outbounds build leadership and high performance amongst teams using the principles of experiential learning. The activities are fun, creative and they encourage participants to experiment with new behaviour. The debrief sessions provoke reflection amongst the participants, creating shifts and changes in the here and now.

We aim to internalise the locus of control of participants, making them realise that their environment is a reaction of their own behaviours, and as their behaviour changes, so does the reaction of people around them.

Even if you have no time for follow-up sessions, our interventions ensure that participants leave with a difference in their being. For a detailed presentation on how we can help your organisation, get in touch now!


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