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Offsite Venues


The Venue Is Any Event’s Signature

While our core competency is clearly Outbound Training, we do assist organisations in their search for an ideal venue for their offsite, on request. All we need to conduct our programs is an open lawn area, adequate for the group size, and a conference room for the debrief sessions. We carry the rest of the equipment, though we may source some materials locally. This allows us great flexibility in conducting the Outbounds in a range of venues, based on your budget and preference.

An ideal and exotic venue contributes significantly to the event’s success.   Our vast exposure of various locations helps us to offer you suggestions on the venue most suitable for the type of experience you wish to give your group. Our select tie-ups with certain properties also give you a great deal!   We ensure that all venues we have a tie-up with, meet quality standards of hygiene and glad to serve!

Ask us for assistance in deciding the venue, the program flow, and the ‘me time’ for participants to enjoy the location, and we ensure minimum standards of cleanliness and hygiene, irrespective of their budget. We are therefore selective and choosy in our recommendations.

All in all, a one-stop shop for your offsites! We see every aspect of the offsite as related, and as playing a role in its success.


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