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‘The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it’ – Michelangelo

Purpose. Vision. Focus. Passion. Energy. Action…


We all need a little bit of inspiration, a little bit of push at times, to do what is right, to do what we aspire to, to become what we know we are potentially capable of being.


Quest Soar aims to spark that fire in individuals and groups to focus and align their energies towards expressing and actualizing their potential. A moment can change your life, and we work hard to create that magical moment.


Through bullet sessions ranging upto 2 hours, and workshops that span over a few hours to a couple of days, we work on uncovering the diamond within us hidden below the dust of the daily grind. The aim is to re-discover, re-affirm and re-build with renewed hope and enthusiasm.


Corporate programs work with groups to go through a process of creating their B.H.A.G. based on their core belief and value systems, and leveraging their unique strengths. The outcome is a unique Vision Statement that is inspiring and converges the energies of the organization towards a common purpose. It lends meaning to the day-to-action of the employees and creates distinction in the market place for the products and services of the company.


Group motivation sessions rekindle the desire in participants to go beyond the ordinary and aim to be awesome instead. Through every small action of excellence, we can build a life that is truly extraordinary and worthy of respect and admiration. When our every act is done with a sense of purpose and meaning, we change and influence our environment and organization culture for the better. This can then have a cascading effect on the entire organization, making it vibrant and responsive, and open to change and innovation. Such organizations experience a sense of ownership and loyalty from its employees as well as its customers.


Workshops and individual sessions help participants to get in touch with their True North, and merge their ideals with practical considerations. The self awareness exercises explore not only the inherent potential, but also the blocks within that restrict and restrain us from taking risks and following our beliefs. These sessions replace fear and insecurities within us with meaning and purpose, which is essential to live a life driven by passion and conviction.

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