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Some questions that you may have if you’ve come this far…


Why should I engage Quest Outbounds for my offsite?

  • We are the leading team building company in India. Go with the best!
  • We are totally involved and responsible for the results you desire from the event. You set the expectations, we deliver.
  • Please visit our ‘Testimonials’ page for some more information, or just call us, and we will be glad to share.

What type of outbounds does Quest specialize in?

  • We specialize in outbounds. Period. Ranging from fun filled events, to ones that are designed to inspire and motivate, we have a solution customized to your every need.
  • But we are best known to create memorable events…

What kind of team building activities does Quest offer?

  • We offer a range of team building activities that touch group dynamics like trust, commitment, synergy, passion, creativity, leadership, communication, goal accomplishment, etc.
  • Our activities range from the classic team building to new and innovative activities.
  • We specialise in unconventional team building activities like the Big Picture, Firewalk, Master Chef, Drum Circles, Foosball, High Spirits (Cocktail making), etc. by giving it a twist and leaving a high learning impact on the participants.

Are Quest Outbounds expensive?

  • Yes, we are expensive.
  • No, we are not expensive.
  • We aim to deliver value, for every buck that you are spending. So the verdict is, we are not expensive.

This is the first time we are organizing an outbound. How do we go about it?

  • You are in safe hands. You have reached the specialists in this domain. Let us guide you through this jungle. You will enjoy the journey as well as the destination!

We have had several outbounds so far. What is different about Quest?

  • We listen.
  • We focus on strong debrief sessions to build the learning agenda. Activities become a means to an end.
  • We have an eye for detail, and set standards for ourselves that are as high as yours. We do those small things that go a long way in making a successful event.

Which all locations do you operate in?

  • Quest Outbounds is location flexible. All we need is a decent lawn area or a large indoor space for the activities and a conference room for the debrief session.
  • We conduct our program across Middle East and Pan Asia with offices in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore currently.
  • We are however not limited by geography.

I have several questions now! How do I ask them?


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